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Have you been subject to debt collection?  Are you tired of playing defense to the collectors' aggressive attacks?   It's time to turn the tables and go on the offense.  There are laws that prohibit the debt collectors' most common tactics, and they still apply even if you actually owe the debt! 


We will SUE your debt collectors!


Murado Law, P.A. strives to provide you, our client, with impeccable legal service.  We return all communications.  We provide open and honest legal advice and are always willing to take the time to explain the relevant issues to our clients.


We will interact with your creditors, debt collectors, and their attorneys with professional, courteous, but unrelenting advocacy for your rights.  And the best part? 


You don't pay us a cent unless we make you a recovery!

Murado Law, P.A.

Murado Law, P.A. was founded by attorney Nick Murado in 2013 as a professional association corporation.


Nick Murado fights vigorously against those who serve to harass, abuse, and bully innocent people.


To learn more about founder Nick Murado and what gives him the drive to represent and defend those who have been harassed by debt collection bullies, click the biography link.


Murado Law, P.A. serves all of Florida.


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act are laws put in place solely to protect YOU, the consumer, from overzealous debt collectors and the harassment they enjoy inflicting upon innocent people.


Murado Law, P.A. uses these laws to protect you from the illegal actions of overzealous debt collectors.


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